Sarah Gunn of Goodbye Valentino is coordinating another Ready-to-Wear fast, in which participants avoid purchasing any clothing from retail stores, instead making all their own clothing for a whole year!

I’m in! I did the 2014 fast and thoroughly enjoyed the process. As a sewist, it really stretches you, but the benefits are amazing – clothing that fits, a more coordinated wardrobe, the satisfaction of completion, and the total independence from retail!

First step is to start planning what I will make.  Rather than taking a willy-nilly approach, I’ll try to plan out an intelligent wardrobe that allows for multiple mix and match options, and that allows me to create several key pieces that will be wearable throughout the year.  Early thoughts for projects include lingerie (bras and panties), winter coat (truthfully, it’s a UFO from a couple of years ago, just needs to be finished), a French style quilted lining boucle blazer, and a fully tailored tweed blazer.  Knitted projects will include a merino pullover to help me survive winter, plus one or two knitting machine projects.

Looking forward to sharing this process with many other people, and learning lots.