Although I haven’t posted much about my sewing adventures in January, the fact is that I’ve been nose to the needle all month!  I’m taking the second level of patternmaking at Seneca College in Toronto, and just finished my 50’s Cocktail Dress based on this vintage McCall’s sketch.  The goal is to take a photograph or sketch and design the pattern, then make the garment.




Here’s what I ended up with:



I can’t begin to express how freeing it is to learn to draft your own patterns.  No longer do I have to scrounge around to find a pattern that approximates what I want to do — I can simply make my own.  And while I haven’t yet made my own custom block, I’ve learned enough to take some general patterns and make things I want from them.  But more than that, I can make clothes that actually fit – which for many of us is a huge deal!

Anyone thinking of taking a pattern drafting course, I would whole heartedly recommend you do it – the more sewing experience you have, the more I think you’ll find things making sense.  I know that there are several courses on Craftsy now for drafting your own patterns, and there are some amazing bloggers out there too.  I will say that I found the technical pattern “cutting” books to be almost incomprehensible until I started taking these courses – there is a language and ways of doing things that isn’t necessarily intuitive.  That’s where a course with an experienced teacher really helps.