No Ready to WearI’ve joined over 200 other women in a Ready to Wear Fast, administered by the very talented Sarah at Goodbye Valentino.  This means I will not purchase any ready to wear clothing for the next 12 months – nada, nyet, zip, zilch!  Oh, except for undies, unless I get really motivated.

I’m sure everyone has reasons for deciding not to purchase RTW clothing.  For me, it started because I can’t find anything to fit, which I think is common for many of us.  I don’t fit Misses or Plus size:  maybe what I need is Meno-size to accommodate the measurements that shift to the strangest places :-).

The big advantage to custom clothing is that it fits – and there’s nothing that slims you down and makes you look put together more than well-fitting clothing. And with my continuing schooling in sewing, pattern making and fashion design, I am learning how to make clothing that looks as good, or better than RTW.

What’s on tap?

For January, my goal is to finish at least 1 coat, 1 pair jeans and a couple of tops.