A departure today:  here are a few necklaces I created to go with outfits I’m sewing.  I had three custom beading courses with the very talented Cathi Westrop, who taught me basics that I needed to get started.  These necklaces are the result!

It seems like a logical extension that once you start making your clothes, you’re going to want to make accessories to go with them. The challenge is in avoiding diluting your main focus:  getting involved in too many other sidelines can take all take a lot of time.  For instance, I’ve always been an avid knitter (big stash), and am drawn to bead supplies like a moth to a flame (medium stash).  But it seems like there are also some pretty interesting things happening in the areas of felting, handbags, and leather work – all of which could generate great pieces to accessorize my created wardrobe!  Arrrrrrgh!  My Christmas list is probably longer than most kids lists!

necklace5 necklace4 necklace3 necklace2 necklace1

Are you challenged by complimentary creativity?  How do you manage it?