Jewel-neck blazer
Jewel-neck blazer by melaniemac featuring a purple blazer
It can be challenging to figure out what to wear under a jewel-neck blazer (a round neck that follows the typical line of a short necklace).  And in the case of this blazer, there’s also a jewel at the neckline to make it even more challenging!  Here are a few ideas:
  • A silky blouse with a higher neckline – such as a soft rolled neckline, or a twisted wrap neck like the sleeveless pink blouse.
  • A pussy-bow blouse (high bow tied at the neck).  You might need to be careful with the size of the bow, so that it doesn’t make the neckline of the blazer gape.  Or if you want to wear it 80’s style, wear the bow outside the blazer (boy, been there, did that!).
  • A turtleneck  sweater in a fine knit like cashmere.  Some turtlenecks are a bit more relaxed, which might also look good.
  • A print blouse with a matching neckline shape – when the jacket is closed it’s invisible, when the jacket is open, it’s complimentary.
  • A plain top with jewel neck, paired with a nice scarf.  A silk scarf will provide less bulk at the neckline.
  • A simple wrap blouse, invisible when the blazer is closed. Really provides coverage but doesn’t make much of a statement.
  • A jewel neck blouse with a nice piece of chunky jewelry that has the same neckline curve as the blazer.  Might not work that well if the blazer has its own bling, like this one does.
  • “Channel Chanel” with a jewel neck blouse with long jewelry, like a combination of long strands of pearls and chains.
Coco Chanel