Seems like the older I get, the more obsessed I become with style. I think there are many drivers – I’m sure some of them are true for other baby boomers too.

  1. We live in a youth-obsessed society, and that’s certainly true in the fashion industry. Many clothes in stores these days feel too young for me, and are definitely styled for younger body shapes.
  2. Many Baby Boomers like me are planning to work for many years yet, which means we need to maintain a certain youthful attitude and look, in order to be taken seriously in the workplace. Clothing has a huge impact on how you project yourself to others, so as we age, we need to give careful consideration to how we dress.  And, going back to #1 above, it can be hard to find appropriate clothing.
  3. As you age, you also feel a bit freer to express who you are. We are no longer as strictly bound by norms that dictate we behave in a certain way – for instance to climb the corporate ladder. Many of us have achieved goals we’d set for ourselves, and are now ready to revel in “fitting our skin.” That creates a desire to express ourselves a bit more openly than in the past – and for many women, that also equates to adapting our clothing to suit that expression of ourselves.
  4. We’ve either already transitioned to retirement, or are getting closer to it, and may be starting to think about budget management.  Retirement doesn’t have to mean we give up on having great looking clothing. In fact, it can be a really enjoyable project to create a great capsule wardrobe with good quality clothing that allows us to reflect our personal style, and always look good – while carefully managing our clothing budget.

But wait! Now that I want to express myself through style, I don’t have a clue what that style is! I’ve been at 2 ends of the spectrum: wearing business suits, or working at home in my fuzzy slippers.  But trying to look chic in casual clothes – that are age-appropriate and fit – is proving to be a challenge. Hence the obsession.

Some of my favorite sources of style inspiration and learning are on the web:

Polyvore – a great place to play, and also find lots of inspiration.

Style blogs for mature women – here’s a listing from a blogger whose posts I really enjoy!

A Pinterest search for baby boomer style.

Image consultant Diana Pemberton Sikes – her products are amazing!  I have purchased quite a lot of her courses and workshops and find them very informative.  I recently purchased her Ageless Style workshop and have really enjoyed it.

As I continue my quest for knowledge, I’ll share what I find.  If you’ve got suggestions, please do leave a comment.  I’d love to hear from you!