Over at the Stitchers Guild Sewing Forum, lots of us are committing to a 6-PAC – a 6 piece autumn collection, which is running from August to October. I’ve decided to focus on a chartreuse stretch cotton blazer with a few pieces to coordinate with it.

Fall 2013 6-PAC

The rawhide faux suede jacket is almost finished: it just languished in the unfinished pile from last winter. And the chartreuse blazer will give way to the woven wool blazer in November.

There are a lot of really talented people out there thinking and writing about how to create a coordinated wardrobe. A big benefit is that you never have “nothing to wear” and always look put together. A good keyword to search on would be “Capsule Wardrobe”. Check out Imogen Lamport’s web site at http://www.bespokeimage.com.au/ – she offers a 5 step formula to a fabulous wardrobe, which is a great place to start. And I love Diana Pemberton-Sikes products and blog – she really has intelligent wardrobe and fashion down to a science. I’ve got many of her products and would highly recommend them.

Fall is such a great time to dream up a new wardrobe. Time to take a glass of wine to the patio and do some dreaming!