My Chanel Style Jacket is Finished!


Jacket2Finally finished! Very enjoyable project, and I’d like to do more like this. The jacket itself is like a Chanel jacket, in that it feels a bit like wearing a cardigan versus a structured blazer.

I love the beaded trim. But I found that only one row of beads was necessary – I think any more might have overwhelmed the jacket. Would have been different if I had built the trim up with additional fabric and fringe, but this version is very simple.

One thing I did that I’m really happy about is that I made a self-facing on the front the same width as the hem, so I could mitre the bottom corner. Made a nice clean finish. I did run the lining about 1/4 inch away from the finished edges, but I still like that everything is clean, with no serged edge peaking out anywhere.

Trying to find something suitable to put a very small weight in the bottom front – it’s the only place that needs a bit of weight. Maybe a washer or something – local fabric store had nothing. Will just unpick things a bit and tuck the weight in (in it’s own little covering of course).

Now, to find somewhere to wear this!