The Zen of Sewing: do you love the process or the product?

Most of my sewing projects are about the finished product. I bet many of you are like me – you have an event coming up, which makes it a perfect excuse to make something new! Over the years, I’ve sewed for work, for golf, vacation, dinner out, dinner in, romantic evenings and more. The one thing I haven’t done much of is sewing for the love of the process.

Enter The Contemporary Couture Jacket by Angela Wolf at The process of making a couture jacket is so much more about the journey, that it allows you to relax and not focus on the product. The end will come in time, in the meantime, there is a wealth of things to enjoy:
* Taking the time to make sure that your lines are cut straight and corners are sharp.
* Feeling the texture of the fabric as you work with it.
* Noticing the change in the hand of the fabric as you iron on fusible interfacing to each piece.
* Caring for the fabric by serging around each and every piece.
* Hand basting the lining to the jacket body, in preparation for the machine quilting.
* Sewing machine quilting lines, pressing after each line, and noticing how the lining and body fabric become like one.
* Playing with the beads that will eventually become the trim, and thinking about stitch options.

I’m keeping track of my hours, which are already more than I put into most garments. But I think I’m enjoying this garment more — I have nothing planned to wear the jacket to (may have to manufacture something), but I know that I will absolutely love this jacket every time I wear it.

This process has also re-awakened an interest in tailoring – so I will start planning a tailored jacket for fall, with the intention of enjoying that process too.