Goal: Finish this Chanel Style Jacket before end of July.
Challenges: Work, work, work, plus some golf.

V7975Silk jacket 1 I’ve decided to use Vogue 7975 as my pattern for the Contemporary Couture Jacket project I’m doing through http://www.patternreview.com. Angela Wolf is the instructor on the video’s for this course, and I’ve gone through them once, and am now starting my jacket. Angela is a great teacher, and I’m enjoying her video’s very much – I highly recommend the course.

Today I finished my toile, and adjusted the fit. I need to do a serious bust adjustment, and with an expensive jacket, I don’t want to skip a step as important as this. Good thing, I found although I did a lot of calculation and tissue fitting, you just don’t know until you put a garment on.

On to cutting! I will be interfacing all pieces, as this fabric is raw silk, and a fairly loose weave with low dimensional stability.

The lining is a simple solid silky fabric in a light aqua. Gives me lots of flexibility in creating a garment that can mix and match.

I’ve decided to do a two-piece sleeve on this jacket, much as I like Angela’s suggestion for a 3-piece sleeve which shows your trim to its best. This fabric will not take kindly to a seam running down the centre of the sleeve, so I’ll stick with a 2-piece sleeve.

I’ve also decided to do a beaded trim, but more on that later.